5 tips to help your child with dyslexia enjoy the Summer Reading Challenge Stop the Summer Slide with the Summer Reading Challenge

Stop the Summer Slide with the Summer Reading Challenge

Stop the Dyslexia Summer Slide!

It’s a fact that, whatever your child’s reading level, there’s a chance their reading will regress over the summer holidays.  Known as the “Summer Slide”, your child is likely to return to school in September with a lower reading age than he has now. This is particularly true of the child with dyslexia, who is likely to be a reluctant reader anyway.

How can a book possibly compete with films, You Tube or their PlayStation, right? But it’s important for the dyslexic child to keep reading over the holidays and beat that “Summer Slide”.

What is the Summer Reading Challenge?

The Summer Reading Challenge

The UK’s biggest reading event is taking place in your local library. It’s aimed at children aged 4 to 11 – and it’s free!

Get down to your local library – staff and young volunteers are waiting to sign your child up and even give them some free fun stuff to get them started on the Challenge.  Every year there’s a different theme; this year it’s Animal Agents, with artwork by Tony Ross (illustrator of the Little Princess. Horrid Henry and lots more)! And if you tell the library staff your child has dyslexia, they’re going to super helpful!

Your child reads six books over the summer – and collects rewards along the way!  There’s a fun Summer Reading Challenge website where your child can log the books they have read, play games and enter competitions.

5 tips to help your dyslexic child enjoy the Summer Reading Challenge

I know what you’re thinking; my child is dyslexic – she or he hates reading!  Well, here are 5 tips to encourage your child to take part in the Summer Reading Challenge:

Let your child choose what she wants to read. She can choose from joke books, non-fiction or spot-the-difference books.  Remember all reading is good reading!


Choose from audio books, graphic novels, e-books or a book from the dyslexia-friendly publisher, Barrington Stoke. They all count!

Revisit an all-time favourite. So what if she’s read the Wildwitch books a thousand times – who will know?

Take time to chat with your child about the books they have read – and encourage them to chat with the staff and young volunteers in the library too.

Finally, make reading time fun (and quick!) – tell your child a quick 10 minutes is all she has to read. That way she might come back for more tomorrow!

Make this the year your child gets in to reading

So make this the summer your dyslexic child gets into reading!

Head down to your local library now. You never know, this could be the summer your child switches off the Playstation and picks up a book!

Let me know which book your dyslexic child enjoyed during the Summer Reading Challenge!

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