Is your son or daughter sitting AQA English Language GCSE in 2018? Give your child the best chance with friendly, one-to-one weekly tuition, held locally in Cuddington.

AQA English Language GCSE Revision

GCSE’s are a very important part of your son or daughter’s academic journey…

Did you know his or her results can affect:

future career prospects

the qualifications he takes next

the sixth form he goes to

the university he can apply to

his eligibility for a college or university course

Last year saw English language, English literature and maths GCSEs reformed. They are now graded on a scale of 9 to 1, instead of A* to G. Under the new system, students who do not achieve a grade 4 or above in English and maths GCSE must keep studying the subjects in order to receive funding for post 16 study.

Maybe your teen suffers from dyslexia…or maybe they just always struggled with English.  Whatever the case, you may be concerned about their GCSE English result.

Maybe you are concerned your son or daughter’s results may limit their options?

Possibly you’re worrying your son or daughter’s results might not cut it with the sixth form or college he or she wants to go to?  Or maybe hold him back from getting that apprenticeship he’s set his heart on? Help your teen do his best in his English Language GCSE exam in 2018. Give him the best chance by attending my friendly, one-to-one weekly tuition, held locally in Cuddington.

Whether your child is dyslexic or not, if he or she is struggling with English, contact me now to book your son or daughter’s place!

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