Dyslexia Assessment Does one size fit all?

Dyslexia is unique to your child – like an individual fingerprint.

Dyslexia Assessment – does one definition of dyslexia fit everyone’s experience?  

With dyslexia, does one size fit all?

Dyslexia is unique to your child – like an individual fingerprint. As a parent, you want to be able to help your dyslexic child. You also want to be more able to understand your child’s dyslexia.

Perhaps there are blocks or barriers that are getting in the way of your child’s progress?  A dyslexia assessment is an excellent way of identifying these barriers to learning. And, once your child’s difficulty has been properly assessed and understood, you may find it easier to give the right kind of support. Working together, we may be able to help improve things for your child. An early dyslexia assessment for your child can identify ways around those blocks…

Based in Cuddington, Cheshire, I am an experienced and qualified dyslexia assessor.  I assess children and young people from 6 to 16 years of age. Dyslexia assessment should be a happy and comfortable experience for your child. That’s why I am happy to test your child in the familiar and secure surroundings of your own home. Afterwards, you will receive a detailed report and full support in finding the best way forward for your child.

My assessment qualifications

  • Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing Level A (303229)
  • Certificate of Psychometric Testing, Assessment & access arrangements (DA00146)
  • You can find me on the Register of Qualifications in Test use (RQTU) – British Psychological Society
  • Registered Test User & Assistant Test User
  • You can also find me on the PATOSS register