Wondering if it’s dyslexia? The best online dyslexia screeners

An online dyslexia screener may be the first step…

I get asked time and time again about online dyslexia screeners by parents who think their child may have dyslexia. 

Of course, online dyslexia screeners are not substitutes for a professional assessment from an educational psychologist or a specialist dyslexia teacher. But a dyslexia screener could be a stepping stone between a parent voicing their concerns and obtaining a formal diagnosis.

Dyslexia assessments should be carried out by a recognised professional (beware of cheap “assessments” online)!  And they can be expensive. The cost can range from £300 to over £1000 and, unfortunately, you cannot get a dyslexia assessment on the NHS. An assessment can also take up to four hours to complete the testing. And then you have to wait for the report. That’s a big investment in time and money! Especially if you are only at the beginning of your journey to a diagnosis of dyslexia.

So, as a first step, it makes sense to investigate online dyslexia screeners if your child appears to be struggling.  Just be aware that an online dyslexia screener won’t give you a definitive diagnosis of dyslexia.  But it could give you a good indication if your child has signs of dyslexia and point you towards any areas of concern.

If you google “on-line dyslexia test”, you will be bamboozled with hundreds of results. Before you give up in complete bewilderment, let me show you two of the best…

Nessy Dyslexia Quest

Nessy Dyslexia Quest

Choose this online dyslexia screener if your child is aged 5 to 16. It’s a reliable test that correlates well with other ability tests only available to professionals. Your child can take the test in around 20 minutes and it will cost you £10. The great thing about it is that your child won’t even know they are being tested!  They will think they are playing games to make their way up Yeti Mountain! But afterwards you will receive a report indicating their ability in each of the 6 memory and learning skills tested and an indication if your child has signs of dyslexia.


Screeners from the BDA

Dyslexia+ Screener and Dyslexia+ Profiler

Choose one of these screeners if you are over 16.  They have been developed by the British Dyslexia Association – and what’s more, the Dyslexia+ Screener is free! So, if you suspect you have dyslexia, it might be a good place to start. It should give you a good indication if you are likely to be dyslexic or not.

Try The Dyslexia+ Profiler if you feel you want your skills assessed in more depth – essential if you are just about to head off to Further or Higher Education. Also recommended by the British Dyslexia Association, it will give you a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses . The Dyslexia+ Profiler costs £20 for the online test and should take about an hour to complete.

You may be wondering if it’s dyslexia. It’s important to find out if your struggling child is dyslexic as early as possible.  Find out why here.

So, if you have tried an online screener but still have concerns about your child’s progress, you may decide it may be a good idea to have a more in-depth assessment. Check out how a dyslexia assessment could benefit your child on my assessment page.  


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