The Book Worm Making learning fun!

The Book Worm

The Book Worm from the young entrepreneurs at Omagh Academy

Looking for some rainy day activities for your kids over the Easter holidays? This book is all you need!

Spectrum, a dynamic team of budding entrepreneurs from Omagh Academy have produced and marketed The Book Worm. This little book is packed full of fun and educational activities – and it’s great for your dyslexic child!

The book covers subjects like English, Maths and Science – but not as you know it! There’s an activity on each page, all designed to keep your child entertained, whilst learning at the same time. I would say a child aged 10 and over would love this. However, teens would really enjoy the 1 minute challenges. And even younger kids could have lots of fun, if an adult helps out.

I particularly liked the experiments featured in the Science section. Who wouldn’t like to make a Tornado in a bottle? Or build your own DIY Lava Lamp? And in the kitchen, your kids can have a go at Bread Painting or creating their own variety of Banana Pops!

Why is The Book Worm good for your child with dyslexia?

The Book Worm is great for children with dyslexia. They’ve used a dyslexia-friendly font, making it easier to read. And the book has been printed on a variety of coloured paper. But the best thing is- it doesn’t look like learning!

So – don’t wait until you’ve run out of stuff to keep the children busy over the holidays! You can buy The Book Worm at Let me know what you think of the book. Did your children enjoy it? Is there anything that could be better?

P.S. Those young people from Spectrum have just produced another version of The Book Worm. This time it helps your child learn French!






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  1. Thank you so much for your lovely review. Just to let you know that we have progressed to the Northern Ireland Finals for Young Enterprise and will be heading to Belfast in April to compete to gain a place in the UK Finals. Also, we have released another activity book, this time to learn French!

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