Dyslexia Tuition

 “It is more common than you can imagine. You are not alone. And while you will have this  the rest of your life, you can dart between the raindrops to get where you want to go and it will not hold you back.”

Steven Spielberg, award-winning director

Dyslexia can affect every aspect of a child’s life. It’s not just problems in school. It can affect a child’s entire life.

Does your child procrastinate and wait until the last minute to do their work?

Is your whole family exhausted from the daily homework battle?

Do you worry that, if you don’t find the right answer, things are going to get worse?

Coping with dyslexia can be a difficult path to travel.  Overcoming dyslexia makes so many things in life so much easier.  From simply being able to enjoy a book, to copying homework into your planner or being able to complete school work quickly and easily.

I can provide specialised dyslexia tuition for your child. I am based in Cuddington, near Northwich, Cheshire.

Dyslexia tuition can take place in either your own home or at your child’s school and is provided on an individual basis, depending on your child’s specific needs.  I will identify key strengths as well as areas where extra help is needed, building on assessment information.  Your child will receive individual dyslexia tuition and support tailored specifically to them.

  • Extensive use of multi-sensory learning activities, thought to best develop skills in dyslexic learners.
  • Support for your child’s specific needs, whether that may be reading, spelling, comprehension, mathematics or memory and organisational skills.
  • Activities and strategies to help boost self-confidence.
  • GCSE English study support.


  • BA(Hons) Education
  • Foundation Degree Supporting Teaching and Learning
  • Diploma Teaching of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties/Dyslexia
  • PATOSS registered