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Updated: May 12, 2020

Our regular gig, for the 18mths before the pandemic, was a KILLER residency at the best venue I've ever played- The Black Rabbit. Good pay, fantastic owners, great food and atmosphere. With the shutdown we've taken to live streaming our shows from FB and YouTube. Black Rabbit is still doing takeout and we're trying to help them stay alive by promoting it. All these years of gigging and it's the first real friendship with club owners. Nashville, in general, has been full of 'firsts'. It's the first place I've ever felt genuine peer love from other musicians. When I got here I was so amazed at how passionately my fellow players embraced what I was doing, how they wanted to play, always, and it wasn't only about being paid. Most of the clubs were worse, than my professional experience. Not paying the band more than $10 or $20 a man was standard practice. I'm not talking about rock clubs, either. Everyone knows those don't pay. I'm talking about 4 hr gigs, with one 5 or 10 minute break. Places catering to tourists that are looking for live music- places that couldn't exist without that music. The players kept their mouths shut, because we were all just so anxious to get those gigs. You relied on tips to make $40-$100. In the winter maybe $30. Sad thing is, even since Nashville has become an 'It City', and the money is everywhere, those 'Lower Broad' gigs are probably still doing it that way. Except now who knows what will happen. It's easy to feel as if it's hopeless.

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