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Updated: May 12

Monday- 2 weeks ago I was a nonbeliever. Now, with the World death count climbing, and the best city streets emptied, I'm just another terrified 'gig worker' without a clue. Social media, and all the news, are awash with statistics to instill fear, and, of course, the real fear is of economic collapse. Of course it's mainly affecting poor people and gig workers. Doctors, insurance companies, goverernment, ANY big company, or anyone that works for one, will be fine. And the media are like pigs in shit!! They love it!

Sunday- Today: hanging with Dave, working on 3 new covers, gardening, watching 'The English Game' (fantastic!) together, AND happily culling my feed of anyone who thinks this pandemic is a good time to exercise their Orwellian tendencies. Keep it coming ya'll! It's social distancing at it's best!

Monday- To clarify, (a couple friends asked), I'm not referring to people who disagree with me, I'm fine with that, I'm only responding to a few incidences, in the last week,that i find very disturbing. Thurs. I woke to a post from a longtime acquaintance showing pics of people fishing. She said she had called the cops on them 3 times and nothing happened. (Thank god!). The next thing happened in response to our 'Jazz Bunker' series. 2 long time friends, and one acquaintance, came on MY page to criticize me. Two of them are from NYC and LA, highly populated places. "OK, so you know better than me what's best for me and my loved ones! Huh? 1st- we ARE self isolated, teaching from home, doing music from home. We are following every single guideline set by the CDC. My band is my little family, they are young and healthy ADULTS who WANT to do it! Judge all you want. But keep it to yourself. I still have a few clients that want me to come to their homes to teach. One is an Emergency Room doctor at Vandy. So you're telling me you know better than HIM what's safe? I will not be arguing. I will only be deleting comments that criticize me. I come from a family of scientists, and one thing is obvious. NOBODY KNOWS!! I'm about common sense, and keeping the people I love safe. And before you even THINK about saying something negative- my dad is in Hospice right now. For cancer. I can't go visit him. It's heartbreaking. So you do you, I'll do me, and if you think what I'm doing is lengthening the amount of time you'll be out of work I think you're insane."

Monday- Response, on FB, to that post was insane. 170 comments. Fortunately 50/50- half grateful for a reasonable view from the other side, the other half trying to argue me out of my thinking. Many performing artists, and small business people, sent me private messages to thank me for my post. Everyone who disagrees with the prevailing narrative is being labled crazy, right wing, or stupid. I'm obviously none of these things. Just a slightly grouchy middle aged musician who's dismayed by how cowed everyone is. The fact that very young people honestly thing they might get sick enough to die makes me very very sad. I guess it's the generation raised by FB reading helicopter parents. There is NO critical thinking, only knee jerk reaction. NYC and the northeast got hit hard. SF, LA, and Seattle less so, but sick plenty of older people did die. But for the rest of the country it's very different. TN has only 200 deaths out of 6million people.

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