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Pre-show rituals & backstage secrets

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

My main Diva move is to spend a couple hours in bed, in the morning, doing makeup, bills, eating, drinking cafe' o lait, social media promotions, websites, etc. Afternoons are teaching, cooking, housework, walking Basie (our dog)

There have been many many years of insecurity. Doubts about my singing, and severe economic insecurity. Although I came from the upper middle class I ran away at 15 and have been supporting myself ever since. I've been homeless, and right after that started my own business cleaning houses. I paid rent on a room in a trailer of a bohemian family I met through their 3 year old son. Bohos were called hippies, then, and they aren't called hipsters now. Bohemians knew they'd be poor. Hipsters know they don't have to be, since most have internet related jobs. This was WAY before the internet, about 1976, Mendocino CA. You know what THAT'S known for, right? haha. One of the few things hipsters and hippies, beatnicks, and bohemians all have in common- they love drugs. Now that a lot of us are sober we don't have anything to take the edge off, except the internet and TV. So it comes full circle.

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